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Idle Tuber Empire is a terrifying parody of Internet-made celebrities, where videos and photos from certain people can influence the behavior of millions of followers. In this game, you'll fight to become one of these online stars.

The game takes place on a fictional streaming platform where you can share your life, doing everything you can to get more likes and users watching you live, whether it be dancing at the club or taking selfies at the gym. And sometimes you'll even come face to face with other stars.

The gameplay in each setting is based on clickers, so you have to keep tapping the screen to make your audience grow faster, while you level up extra elements for multipliers, whether it be your mom cheering you on in the background or a cat wandering onscreen, doubling the number of visitors. Just like in real life.

Idle Tuber Empire is an interesting game that shows what it takes to become famous on social media, even if it means completely embarrassing yourself or selling out. It's absolutely terrifying.
By Nelson
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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